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Responsive Web design is the most economical way to “future proof”a website ...

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Intrigued? This site is responsive - Play Along With Us.

Stretch & Sqeeze To Check How Layout Changes

Stretch it. Squeeze it.

Grab the corner of your web browser and make the window bigger or smaller – you will see the site layout change as you go from full width to mobile width of 320px.

Check the site on iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone

Try it on a smartphone.

Got an iPad, iPhone or a recent Android or Blackberry? If not, ask (nicely) to borrow one and load this website to see how it renders nicely. No pinch to zoom needed.

switch from portrait to Landscape mode to see how site adapts

Rotate it. Flip it.

Now try rotating the smartphone or tablet and watch the site adapt to a different orientation. This is exactly what you would need!